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We urgently need your support to help vulnerable and at-risk young Queenslanders to raise their gaze in 2022

It is essential that our services remain available across Queensland to engage and empower at-risk and vulnerable young people to choose a path that will lead them out of despair and disadvantage. We urgently need your help to make this happen.


Many young people in Queensland continue to face serious challenges making PCYC Queensland’s essential programs and services more vital than ever. This year, without mentoring and support from our staff and police officers, thousands of young people in need would have been left with nowhere to turn.

Young people like Tyrone…

Coming from a tough background and told he was dyslexic at an early age, Tyrone struggled with general numeracy and literacy. But he never wavered from his goal of finishing high school & going to University.

Through tutoring support and PCYC Queensland’s Braking the Cycle program – Tyrone has gained his drivers licence and is attending University studying Nursing.

“I owe a lot to PCYC. They have given me endless support and helped me get to where I am today.”

And like Heather…

Heather has grown up with a mum on a disability pension and her father was unemployed whilst serving as her mother’s full-time carer. Heather turned to PCYC Queensland gymnastics for an outlet after her mum encouraged her to get involved in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Heather found a place where she could feel safe. A place full of opportunities, offering programs that allow for development and inclusion.

After achieving her drivers licence through Braking the Cycle and achieving her childhood dream of representing her country in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Heather has found a new passion for coaching since retiring as a professional gymnast. Through her role as a coach at PCYC Logan, Heather guides young gymnasts in the Recreational to High Performance teams and hopes to become a National Squad Coach and a Brevet Judge in the future. Outside of gymnastics, Heather is studying Software Engineering at University and is looking forward to completing her degree and pursuing a career in this exciting field.

And like Yousuf…

As a young boy, Yousef and his family were forced to flee their home in Myanmar (Burma).

After a traumatic journey to reach asylum in Australia as a young boy, Yousuf experienced anxiety and mistrust of authority figures.

“Without PCYC I would be roaming around in the street or somewhere doing bad things or drugs”

Yousuf is currently pursuing his studies in human services, focusing on disability and refugees. He is also working part time and is heavily involved in his community – playing various sports, mentoring young people and helping people whose first language is not English to navigate life in Australia.

Our youth development and crime prevention programs are the key to educating, empowering, and inspiring young people to set and achieve goals they previously thought impossible.

There are young people in your local community who need your help.

Will you donate today to help us increase our reach, and the impact we can have for vulnerable and at-risk young Queenslanders?

Your donation will ensure we can succeed in 2022. Help us to raise the gaze of young people in your community and empower them to change their stories.

Together, with your ongoing support, we are building safer, healthier communities through youth development.