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Change the story of a young Queenslander at risk today

As one of nine children, Tyrone came from a tough background. He didn’t attend mainstream school and spent a lot of time cooking and caring for his large family. By the time he reached high school age he still had no literacy or numeracy skills.

“When I started school, I was completely illiterate and innumerate.”

Tyrone wanted to change his story. He wanted to fulfil his dreams of getting an education, getting his driver’s licence, and becoming an independent adult.

At age 15, using his cooking skills to his advantage Tyrone secured a chef apprenticeship. At age 16, Tyrone was referred to PCYC Queensland for tutoring and mentoring support. At his local club, Tyrone was supported through school and helped with tutoring expenses. By 17, he enrolled himself into the school system for the very first time.

He was also introduced to PCYC Braking the Cycle, our volunteer driver mentor program, to help him obtain his driver’s licence.

“Before doing Braking the Cycle, I was terrified of driving. I wouldn’t have even been able to pass the test to actually get my Ls. Without PCYC Queensland, I wouldn’t be able to drive, I wouldn’t be able to write properly.”

Since becoming a member of PCYC Queensland, Tyrone has finished his high school education and has been accepted into university. With his mentor’s dedication and encouragement, he is also close to obtaining his licence, realising his dream of independence.

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