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“When I was younger, like when I first started school, even kindergarten, I was bullied all through school until high school. My dad was like abusive towards me for twelve years straight when my mum left, and I was scared to tell anyone. I actually calm down most of the time from me doing my boxing. My first time going to the boxing class (at PCYC) we did work outs and stuff. I couldn’t even do a push up! Now I’m really calm, and I can actually talk to people sometimes. I’m more of a positive person than I was back then. It’s like a safe place for anyone. Practically, you don’t have to worry about anything or nothing. You meet new people, talk to new people. Not really worry about much. Just get along with anyone.” Jesse, PCYC Queensland Member

Without support from PCYC Queensland, many of our member’s stories would be quite different. We recognise our work is far from done and more support is needed.

PCYC Queensland is asking for your help, to support us so that we can continue building safer, healthier communities through youth development.

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With your support, PCYC Queensland can be in a stronger position to continue to deliver recurring initiatives that give young people purpose, focus and motivation to make positive choices. Read more about where your donation goes and how you make the difference.

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