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Will you help a young person to change their story this festive season?

Hear Sylvia’s and Chelsea’s stories.

Growing up in an indigenous community in Far North Queensland, Chelsea witnessed many of the challenges that face young people in her area including very low employment prospects, social issues and difficult situations at home.

“There’s fights happening and there’s some disrespectful people that really put stress on others, but I try not to think of them. I’m a bright person and I don’t really get around people or get out that much, the only place I come is PCYC really. Without PCYC there would be a lot of breaking in, a lot of kids graffitiing everywhere, not respecting their elders.”

Like many young people, Chelsea became involved in her local PCYC Queensland club to play sport and gain friendships in a safe environment.

“I really enjoy coming to PCYC it brings happiness to me when I come here. It helps me get things off my mind just coming here meeting new people and playing different sports every night, I enjoy that! It’s a good time away from home, from all the stress, and just coming here being a happy kid running around playing all the sports.”

Through PCYC Queensland Chelsea gained the mentoring and support needed to change her story and become a positive role model in her community.
This year, Chelsea was one of 200 young people selected annually to take part in the PCYC Queensland State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP). The multi-stage program is designed to develop young people into leaders through experiential learning, education and challenges helping them to develop skills useful in school, community, work and life.

“SYLP really built up my confidence, because I get really nervous when I meet new people. I think I have built up that confidence to be able to talk to people. I’m happy that I went on it and that I can be a role model to my community.”

The generosity of supporters like you, enables PCYC Queensland to continue to change the stories of young people like Chelsea, providing opportunities and positive outcomes.

PCYC Queensland’s 55 clubs are predominantly in the lowest socio-economic and high needs areas of Queensland. We recognise that our work in supporting communities and addressing the issues many young people face is far from done, and we need your continued support.

You can read more about the young people your kind donations help support.

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