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Your help in supporting vulnerable people in our communities is more critical than ever.

Hear our members share their stories of how PCYC Queensland has helped them. Will you help us continue to support Queenslanders today?

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our social conventions and temporarily disrupted the way we live, forcing entire communities indoors. During this unprecedented time, PCYC Queensland continues to deliver valuable and essential services across the state, helping our communities and families to stay connected, healthy and safe.

Our essential services continue to target crime prevention and improve community safety, support victims of domestic violence, provide critical connections for Indigenous communities, skills to gain employment and opportunities to improve health and well-being.

PCYC Queensland and the Queensland Police Service work in 57 clubs from the Torres Strait to the Gold Coast, with 95% of our clubs in low socio-economic areas, and 60% are in the top 50 high needs areas of Queensland.

 “Without PCYC I wouldn’t be as positive or happy with my lifestyle. I believe I would of chosen a negative path that lead to potentially dangerous or illegal outcomes.” – PCYC Toowoomba member

Many of our members will face greater uncertainty, risks and disengagement at this challenging time. Without support and confined to home there is a greater disengagement and more risk for those who are vulnerable. Without support many members of our community will not have the opportunity to change their story.

 “Without PCYC I could be doing drugs in the street, just like (my) friends. But with PCYC you could have confidence that you could be a better person and lead yourself better.” – Yousuf

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, PCYC Queensland can continue even now to change the stories of people like Heather, Jesse, Sylvia, Tyrone, Yousuf and Chelsea, providing opportunities and positive outcomes.

Your donation will make the difference. A regular gift, or consideration of a gift in your Will, will also enable us the flexibility to plan for our future and respond to unexpected needs. Your organisation’s support can help deliver joint initiatives, programs and services to at risk, disadvantaged and disengaged across Queensland, enquire now.

You can read more about the young people your kind donations help support.

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