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Calob, like many at-risk and vulnerable young Queenslanders, has grown up facing an uncertain and unstable home environment, and was making negative decisions that could impact his life forever.

“My life wasn’t really on track and it just wasn’t going in a good way.”

Had it not been for Calob’s grandmother reconnecting with a local police officer who previously supported the family, who then referred Calob to his local PCYC Queensland club, life for Calob could have been very different.

“I just stopped going to school …and I was just hanging around all day doing stupid stuff making bad decisions. I thought there was no point until I met PCYC and Booyah.”

Many young people in Queensland continue to face serious challenges making PCYC Queensland’s essential programs and services are more vital than ever. This year, without mentoring and support from our staff and police officers, thousands of young people in need would have been left with nowhere to turn.

PCYC Queensland and Project Booyah staff immediately identified that Calob needed to make drastic changes to his life to help change his story. Calob moved in with his grandparents and changed school, after fears he would drop out and never complete his secondary education.

“They were a voice, and they know what they are doing, and it seemed like they really wanted to help you. It was just that support and encouragement that I haven’t really gotten from anyone else in my life.”

Calob was also encouraged to start boxing classes when staff learnt of his interest in sports. Following positive changes in his behaviour, Calob followed staff suggestions and started the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program, an internationally recognised program designed to encourage young people to develop positive skills and lifestyle habits.

After completing his Bronze Award, Calob continued to flourish and was nominated to participate in the State Youth Leadership Program (SYLP), a five-night leadership development camp.

“I have a lot to thank (Project) Booyah for, but my proudest achievement is being nominated and accepted to participate in SYLP.”

PCYC Queensland understands the importance of developing the next generation. Each year we help more than 50,000 young people to build their social skills, confidence, and leadership abilities, improving skills that are useful in school, community, work and life.

Calob continues to make life changing decisions with support from local police officers and staff from his PCYC Queensland club.

“I am also now back in school full-time and I have a part-time job. I just cannot believe that with the right support and encouragement from positive and supportive people you can change your own attitude, and you can change your life for the better.”

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