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Angel was bullied all through school, and eventually she gave up and dropped out of both mainstream and flexi-schooling. Disengaged, suffering from low self-esteem and mental health issues and struggling to interact socially even with her peers, Angel’s future was extremely uncertain.

 “The schools I was going to I was getting bullied most of the time and they did nothing about it. So, I kind of just gave up with school. And I wanted to get into TAFE but I didn’t know how to. I didn’t know where I needed to go or what I needed to do.”

Angel grew up in a low-socioeconomic area and with limited opportunities, little support and no way out, the pressures of life post COVID-19 meant that Angel was destined for a path of destruction and uncertain outcomes.

Angel, like thousands of young Queenslanders at risk and vulnerable, had nowhere to turn. If it wasn’t for a PCYC Queensland staff member who saw her at a local skate park and encouraged her to attend the local PCYC club, Angel’s story could have been very different.

 “I thought my life was not going anywhere. I just sat there in dark and just wasn’t going anywhere in life, and PCYC helped me get out of that zone.”

Having none of the basic identification needed to help her get a driver licence or a job, Angel received support and guidance from the PCYC club manager and staff. Mentoring from staff led to her becoming involved in several essential programs including Drop In, Youth Support Services and Braking the Cycle, providing a safe space for Angel to build her self-esteem and engage with her peers.

PCYC Queensland provided a safe environment for Angel to develop trust and relationships and build confidence in herself. The staff empowered her to strive for her dream of one day becoming an early education teacher and provided a safe place to study and learn without fear of being bullied. With the support of the staff, Angel enrolled in a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education at TAFE.

“I am studying early childhood care and my dream job since I was very little has been to work in a childcare centre.”

As Angel’s confidence and social skills improved, her story continued to change. PCYC staff encouraged her to take the learners licence test and after successfully passing, she has now started to acquire her 100 mandatory driving hours through our award-winning driver mentor program, Braking the Cycle.

PCYC Queensland continues to support Angel and her dream, and she has recently completed work experience for her certificate in one of PCYC Queensland’s 100 Outside School Hours Care services.

“Now I’m just doing something I really like, and I feel so much better about myself.”

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, PCYC Queensland can continue even now to change the stories of people like Angel, providing opportunities and positive outcomes.

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