For Families

How to Enrol

To enrol your child/children here’s what you need to do:

  • Login to Kidsoft Parent Portal. Click on Register Now to create a waitlist.
  • Please be aware that if your child has a medical condition management plan from their doctor, they may not be able to start until you have had a meeting with our Service Manager. At this meeting, we may need you to provide us with additional information so we can safely care for your child.
  • Once you have submitted your enrolment, you can make a Permanent Booking.
  • The next time you are in your service, you will need to sign the hard copy the service holds.

Important: If you believe you already have a booking and have completed an updated enrolment form, please check with your service regarding your booking status.

Please contact your local OSHC service to enrol.

FAQs for Families

What time does OSHC open and close?

Operational hours vary for each service.  Find your service to view the hours of operation.   Operational hours are based on the needs of the community. Should you require additional hours and there is a need within the community for additional hours please speak with the Service Manager.

Do I have to book my children in everyday, can I just use one or two days?

There are two types of bookings:

Permanent bookings – these are set days you require every week. These can be from one day to five days and these particular days will be held permanently for you until you change your booking through a formal booking form.

Casual bookings – PCYC Queensland appreciates that families have commitments that change daily or weekly and we allow the flexibility to book in your children at short notice. Some services may be on ratio or near licence capacity and may not be able to accommodate all bookings or changes. You will need to confirm with your service to ensure a place is available.

Discover how to manage your bookings in Kidsoft Parent Portal Tip Sheet.

How much notice do I need to cancel my bookings?

Bookings changed or cancelled with 48 hours notice incur no cost for the session. Sessions cancelled less than 48 hours in advance incur the session charge.

How much does OSHC cost?
  • Each service is unique and the fees reflect the services that can be offered.  Please locate your service to view the fees.
  • Bookings are charged as a session, whether you use one or three hours of care you will be charged for the full session.
  • Fees will vary based on days of attendance and Child Care Subsidy (CCS) that will be applied to your account. The fees are based on a single booking.
  • Price does not include additional fees set by the direct debit provider which are applicable to all direct debits. Minimum fee per payment transaction is $0.50.
How is my account managed?

Your statement will be emailed to you weekly. Our preferred method of payment is direct debit, this is integrated into Kidsoft our software program. Direct debit is a secure transaction that is directly debited from your account into ours.

What food is provided?
  • We provide a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack which will always include fruit and vegetables. Food is selected with consideration to cultural preferences, dietary requirements and meal plans for specific children.
  • Children are educated on healthy choices and often participate in cooking experiences, food preparation and cleaning up. Where possible the services like to have a garden and grow herbs and vegetables to contribute to the menu.
  • PCYC Queensland services meet national food safety standards and guidelines. The services refer to the PANOSH framework and Smart Choices – the Healthy Food and Drink Strategy for Queensland Schools when preparing our menus.
  • If your child requires a specialised meal plan please talk with the service manager upon enrolment.
Can the service provide care for my child with additional needs?

Children who require individualised support are required to meet with the Service Manager before the child can attend. Planning for a child with individual needs requires a tailored plan on how best to support your child in our service. The service may need to seek specialist and support workers (where required) to provide quality care for your child, the service and family.

How old does my child have to be to attend OSHC?

Children must be in Primary school to attend PCYC Queensland OSHC services. This means that your child must be enrolled or registered at a school and attends or will attend in the current calendar year. Children commencing Prep can attend the service from the 1st January in the year the child is enrolled to attend Prep.

I am separated from my partner; can we have separate accounts for my child?

YES. We use Kidsoft as our software package which allow separate bookings, contact details and billing for separate parents.

How do you help prepare children for OSHC?

As one of the state’s largest OSHC providers, we believe there are several key elements involved in a successful transition in helping children and parents get ready for Prep and outside school hours care, read more here.

Take use of the Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy Info

Useful Documents

Family Information Handbook
Medical Conditions Policy
Educational Program & Practice Policy
My Time Our Place
Child Care Subsidy Information
Kidsoft Parent Portal Tip Sheet

Further information on Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Law is also available on the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority Website.