Gymnastics continues to be PCYC Queensland’s most popular sport.  Our positive relationship with Gymnastics Queensland, coupled with a strong focus on implementing our future Pathways Program, a unified gymnastics curriculum across all clubs, has made PCYC Queensland the largest provider of gymnastics in the state.

With over 7,500 gymnasts at 30 of our clubs, 20 of which are registered Gymnastics Queensland centres, PCYC  Queensland has achieved the most growth awards for any gymnastics sporting association for the past two years.

Participants in the Queensland PCYC Gymnastics program have a seamless pathway of gymnastics development through four programs:

What are the Benefits of Gymnastics?

Participation in gymnastics must be recommended as a great foundational activity for children and can provide opportunities for physical development, character development, and education that are hard to find anywhere else. Key benefits from participation in recreational and competitive gymnastics are:

  • Enhanced development of most of the fundamental motor patterns
  • Potential for enhanced flexibility
  • Enhanced general strength and postural control
  • Enhanced balance
  • Enhanced anaerobic endurance
  • Unique long-term bone forming and strengthening advantages over most other activities available to children
  • Enhanced academic performance benefits
  • Enhanced Task Mastery orientations for more appropriate children’s physical education
  • Enhanced skill goal setting, and the ability to focus on a task to a high level

Moreover, gymnastics is inherently fun. In summary, it can be argued that gymnastics participation enriches and physically educates the lives of its participants in ways that are unreachable by most other activities and sports (Sands, Caine & Borms, 2005).

(Taken from BENEFITS OF GYMNASTICS – a foundation in children’s growth and development T.Dowdell EdD (2006, revised 2010))

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