Little n Active

Developing children’s physical literacy through active and creative play!

PCYC Queensland’s exclusive Little n Active Program takes a fun and creative approach to introducing children under 5 to physical activity.

Held in a safe and welcoming space where active parental participation is key, Little n Active classes are designed to promote children’s curiosity, encourage problem solving, increase comprehension and develop social skills.

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Little n Active Benefits

🐾 Creative play that develops physical, emotional and social literacy

🐾 Fun and creative activities using adventure environments

🐾 Safe and active program that engages children and parents and encourages connection and bonding

🐾 Builds fundamental movement and improves physical ability

🐾 Promotes curiosity, encourages problem solving and develops social skills

Little n Active classes cater for different ages and developmental stages, and can be modified to match children’s developmental needs. Each progressive lesson provides children with activities to build fundamental movement and improve their physical ability, using engaging adventure environments that lend themselves to movement.

Little n Active Classes

Little n Active classes cater for different ages and developmental stages, providing children with developmentally appropriate activities to build fundamental movement and improve physical ability.

Classes are grouped by developmental stages, and active parental participation is a key component of the program. Each 45-minute class involves a welcome and open exploration, group time, guided adventure and farewell. Adventures are also used each week and are the foundation for the learning stories that are created.

Approximate ages are:

Playtime: 0 months to 2 years

Playtime classes are designed to support early development through a range of stimulating sensory experiences. Children will develop muscle strength and take their first steps and tumbles in our safe, colourful and social-play based sessions.


Munchkins: 18 months to 2.5 years

Munchkins classes are designed for confident walkers who are keen to explore the world with their body. Munchkins are learning to run and jump, and they like to play alone or alongside other children. They like to imitate and can respond to simple directions.


Sprouts: 2.5 to 4 years

Sprouts classes are designed for children who can run and jump confidently. Sprouts are learning to hop, jump down from low heights, kick on the move and balance along a narrow beam. They are starting to play with other children, can share (with a little help) and enjoy dramatic play.


Tykes: 4 to 5 years

Tykes classes are designed for children who are becoming independent. These classes help children learn to listen, follow instructions, cooperate with others and the activities are more challenging.

Sibs: Crawling to 5 years

Sibs is great for families where one grown up attends with siblings under five. The content in this class includes a variety of activities that cater to various developmental stages and allows for reduced adult assistance.


Little n Active Block 3 Adventures

Little n Active Leaders will deliver 45-minute classes composed of a welcome and open exploration, group time, guided adventure and farewell, using different adventures and activities to meet the developmental needs of the group. With the adventures changing every fortnight, our program will always be engaging! Check out our upcoming adventure below!

Winter Wonderland
Commences August 21

Snowflakes are falling in our Little n Active Winter Wonderland! Children learn to balance on a snowboard, freeze like a statue, slide down the slope like a penguin, spin like an ice skater, roll like a snowball, and hang upside down like an icicle.

Commences September 4

3, 2, 1… let’s blast off like rockets launching into space and touch the stars! Children will practice dodging the meteor shower, climbing like an alien, jumping over craters and crawling through black holes. Join us as we spin in the flying saucer, collect moon rocks and roll like an asteroid.


Commences September 18

Roll up, roll up, the Little n Active circus is in town! Children find their balance on the tightrope, swing like trapeze artists and take big steps like a silly clown. We build coordination and movement skills as children learn to move like an acrobat, juggle and twirl like a circus ringleader!


Little n Active Block 4 Adventures

Sports Day
Commences October 3

Children improve their hand-eye coordination as they throw the shot put, jump over hurdles, practise cycling legs and swimming strokes. Join us cheering on the athletes as they volley the ball across the net, shoot the basketball through the hoop, and kick a soccer ball! There are countless events to try on Sports Day.

Teddy Bears
Commences October 16

We’re going on a teddy bear hunt! This theme explores colour, animals, and the concepts of up, over, under and through.

Commences October 30

Long, long, long ago, there were DINOSAURS. Some were very, very, big and some were very, very, small. In this theme, children are going to stomp, crash and fly just like dinosaurs do.

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