Little n Active

Developing children’s physical literacy through active and creative play!

Little n Active helps children with an introduction of learning outcomes and physical skills to help build a foundation for all sports, and for living active and healthy lives. Classes are grouped by developmental stages and activities which can be modified to match children’s needs. These lessons include activities that develop and encourage movement and provide the foundation for physical activities. Held in a safe and welcoming space where active parental participation is key, Little n Active classes are designed to promote children’s curiosity, encourage problem-solving, increase comprehension, and develop social skills.

Little n Active engages children in

🐾Creative play that develops physical, emotional, and social literacy
🐾 Fun and creative activities using adventure environments
🐾 Safe and active program that engages children and parents, encouraging connection and bonding
🐾 Fundamental movement that builds and improves physical ability
🐾 Activities promoting curiosity, encouraging problem-solving and develops social skills

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The Little n Active Classes follow the following class structure:
🔎 Welcome & Open Exploration
👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏻 Group Time
🌄 Guided Adventures
👋 Farewell

All classes cater to different ages and developmental stages and can be modified to match children’s developmental needs. Each progressive lesson provides children with activities to build fundamental movement and improve their physical ability, using engaging adventure environments that lend themselves to movement.

Little n Active Classes

Little n Active classes cater for different ages and developmental stages, providing children with developmentally appropriate activities to build fundamental movement and improve physical ability.

Classes are grouped by developmental stages, and active parental participation is a key component of the program. Each 45-minute class involves a welcome and open exploration, group time, guided adventure and farewell. Adventures are also used each week and are the foundation for the learning stories that are created.

Approximate ages are:

Playtime: 0 months to 2 years

Playtime classes are designed to support early development through a range of stimulating sensory experiences. Children will develop muscle strength and take their first steps and tumbles in our safe, colourful and social-play based sessions.


Munchkins: 18 months to 2.5 years

Munchkins classes are designed for confident walkers who are keen to explore the world with their body. Munchkins are learning to run and jump, and they like to play alone or alongside other children. They like to imitate and can respond to simple directions.


Sprouts: 2.5 to 4 years

Sprouts classes are designed for children who can run and jump confidently. Sprouts are learning to hop, jump down from low heights, kick on the move and balance along a narrow beam. They are starting to play with other children, can share (with a little help) and enjoy dramatic play.


Tykes: 4 to 5 years

Tykes classes are designed for children who are becoming independent. These classes help children learn to listen, follow instructions, cooperate with others and the activities are more challenging.

Sibs: Crawling to 5 years

Sibs is great for families where one grown up attends with siblings under five. The content in this class includes a variety of activities that cater to various developmental stages and allows for reduced adult assistance.


Little n Active Block 2 Adventures

    Little n Active Leaders will deliver 45-minute classes composed of a welcome and open exploration, group time, guided adventure and farewell, using different adventures and activities to meet the developmental needs of the group. With the adventures changing every fortnight, our program will always be engaging! Check out our upcoming adventure below

    Let’s Get Active
    Commences 1 April

    The children are developing a strong sense of wellbeing. They are taking responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. They will focus on gross motor, hand eye coordination and core stability.

    Australian Bush
    Commences 15 April

    Get ready for an Outback adventure! Flip snags on the barbie, have a yarn around the campfire, crawl like a wombat or run like an emu – either way the adventure awaits!

    Commences 29 April

    It’s raining, it’s pouring, the rainbows are soaring! Children identify colours and wave ribbons like a rainbow moving through the sky. Move around, jump over and stomp through puddles, then spin in the pot of gold.


Where is Active?
Commences 13 May

Detective hats are on as we discover the different ways to move with Active – up, down, near and far! Children can play an instrument with the Band Dog, run quickly with the Fast Dog, tiptoe with the Slow Dog and climb ladders with the Brave Dog.

Commences 27 May

We’re setting sail to search for lost treasures in uncharted waters! Children practice balancing to when walking the plank, build their strength in the row boat, and kick balls to launch cannons at ships.


Commences 10 June

There is so much to do down in the backyard, from smelling flowers, hanging out the washing, to climbing trees! Children learn to crawl, roll and jump around just like the critters in their very own backyard.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes PCYC Queensland different?

    Our classes are held in a safe and welcoming space where active parental participation is key. Little n Active classes are designed to promote children’s curiosity, encourage problem-solving, increase comprehension and develop social skills.

    Is it compulsory to pay via Direct Debit?

    Yes, it is compulsory for all Little n Active products except Playtime. Playtime has a casual payment option if required. A PCYC Queensland membership is required for casual payment.

    What happens if my child’s class falls on a Public Holiday or Pupil Free Day?

    Scheduled classes operate on pupil-free days. Classes are not held on Public Holidays and your child’s account will be adjusted.

    Can I still book in a make-up class if my child misses a class?

    Yes, make up classes are permitted, subject to availability and at the discretion of the club.

    Will classes be offered during the school holidays?

    Little n Active runs for 47-weeks continuously across the year. This allows children to enjoy our fantastic under 5’s program all year-round.

    Need to take a medical break?

    If the break is due to an injury or medical reason, please provide a medical certificate to our reception staff to get a credit or refund on your child’s account

    Need to take an extended break?

    Class positions cannot be held where holds are requested longer than two (2) weeks in length.

    Planning a break over school holidays?

    We know that everyone needs a break and some quality family time. The Little n Active program has a 5-week break over the December/January Christmas holiday where there are no classes. You will not be charged during this closure time.
    Members on direct debit also have the option to suspend payments for the school holiday periods. Lessons may be suspended, for a maximum of 2 weeks. You must provide your suspension request in writing, with a minimum of 14 days’ notice. Unfortunately, this cannot be backdated.

    Can I cancel my child’s membership?

    Direct-debit allows you to have the flexibility to cancel at any time. You will need to notify us by completing a cancellation form at reception with 28 days’ notice that you will be leaving the program.
    For upfront payments, please notify the club with 28 days’ notice that you will ceasing the program at the end of the current block. Please remember that you are always welcome back at any time!

    What happens if my direct debit payment fails?

    We understand that things occur from time to time and payments may be missed. Direct debit payments must be made on a fortnightly basis in advance for members to attend classes. Please talk to our reception staff if you are having issues with your payments.
    Please note, extra charges will apply for missed payments and this will be outlined in your direct-debit agreement.