Youth and Community

Youth and community programs at PCYC Gold Coast

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognised award for young people aged 14-24 that is about setting goals and meeting challenges to achieve them. The Awards have four sections of involvement – volunteering, skills, physical recreation and Adventurous Journey.

You can earn 4 points towards your Queensland Certificate of Education by achieving the Awards.

1 point for Bronze
1 point for Silver
2 points for Gold

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For more information on the Award requirements, visit the Queensland Award Office webpage –

The Bridge Award

The Bridge Award is an introduction to the program for ages 11.5 to 24 years. It has the same sections as the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – volunteering, skills, physical recreation and an Adventurous Journey, with modified requirements to suit those younger or with some different situations.

What do you have to do for the Award?

The participant plans their involvement in four categories with our Award Leader.

For more information on the Award requirements, visit the Queensland Award Office webpage –



Youth Leadership Team (YMT)

PCYC Queensland Youth Management Teams (YMT) are a social and leadership development group for high school aged young people who wish to improve their leadership skills and to give back to and connect with their communities. YMTs meet regularly within the clubs, volunteer their time and establish and drive their own projects within the community.

For more information contact: Dave Brown and Edin Fleming (07) 5538 5201 (PCYC reception)

RUBY (Rise Up, Be Yourself)

RUBY (Rise Up, Be Yourself) is a free physical fitness program for women who are, have been, or likely to be experiencing Domestic and Family Violence (DFV).

Held weekly at a number of PCYCs across Queensland, RUBY is designed to empower women by building physical strength and contributing to general well-being, emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence through physical exercise in a violence free and safe environment. The unique program gives participants a different outlet and tools to combat the DFV cycle by fostering connected relationships with other women in a safe, group environment. Sessions are facilitated by a qualified, female PT and a female member of the QPS attends and participates.

RUBY can be a conduit for the needs of the women, and help to create a culture of change and facilitate them to a place of survivorship. It can link participants into existing local services for support, information, referrals and resources and the partnership with the QPS ensures that positive relationships are formed with participants, and direct support is provided.

RUBY is run at PCYC Gold Coast and as an outreach program at Elanora (17 Applecross Way).

Edin Fleming at [email protected]

(07) 5538 5201 or 0419 783 089


Champ – Channelling Healthy Aggression Mentoring Program – is a boxing program which pairs young offenders with a positive mentor from their local community. Mentoring is used to foster personal growth, break down barriers and reduce criminality and risk factors for recidivism

For more information contact: Dave Brown and Edin Fleming (07) 5538 5201 (PCYC reception)


DRUMBEAT (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts) is Holyoake’s award-winning and evidence-based program which utilises drumming and rhythm as a medium to increase resilience. It is a structured, but flexible 10 session course. Content covered by the program includes social responsibility, values, identity, dealing with emotions, peer pressure, harmony, communication and teamwork.

For more information contact: Dave Brown and Edin Fleming (07) 5538 5201 (PCYC reception)

Love Bites

Love Bites is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program created by NAPCAN. Love Bites is based on best practice standards for education programs as recommended by the Federal Government funded Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearing House and other leading academics in the area of violence against women.

For more information contact: Dave Brown and Edin Fleming (07) 5538 5201 (PCYC reception)

Braking the Cycle

Braking the Cycle is our volunteer driver mentor program designed to support learner drivers without access to a supervisor or registered vehicle to complete their logbook hours. The aim of the program is to provide young people with increased employment opportunities, community connection and driver education.

Participants are matched with a specific volunteer from our extensive and experienced driver mentor network. Mentors provide encouragement and help young people improve their self-esteem and develop positive road safety attitudes.

With the support of government, community and corporate partners, Braking the Cycle is currently offered at 33 PCYC clubs across Queensland. Since its inception in 2012, Braking the Cycle has received 19 awards from the Australian Road Safety Awards, Queensland Reconciliation Awards and Regional Achievement & Community Awards, and most recently won a silver award in the 2017 National National Crime and Violence Prevention Awards.

For more information on Braking the Cycle contact:  Courtney Muldoon (07) 5578 2227 (PCYC Nerang)