Gym and Fitness

We aim to deliver classes and offer programs relevant to the needs of our members and our community.

We are committed to providing our community with the best value-for-money, safe and fun fitness environment. We focus on activities that support our youth to enhance their life skills through sport and fitness. We don’t forget our local adults either. Our current prices are competitive and there are some great specials if you buy in bulk or select regular deductions.

Follow us on Facebook for last minute notifications and club information or feel free to call the club on (07) 4671 5677 and one of our friendly staff can help you with your questions.

Gym and fitness classes at PCYC Goondiwindi

Read about each of our classes below.

For current information about our Club like us on Facebook  or contact our friendly staff on (07) 4671 5677  (Monday to Friday 8:30am and 8pm).



PCYC Goondiwindi is very fortunate to provide an upgraded successful gym containing quality equipment, including cardio machines, strength, free weights and pin loaded equipment areas.

The current list of equipment is:

Cardio Machines
Step Machine
Arc trainer
Upright Bike
Spin Bike
Elliptical Machine
Rowing Machine
Plate loaded & free weights
Seated Leg press
Shoulder/ Hack squat
Bench Press
Deadlifts/ Squats & bench press
Kettle Bells
Exercise Balls & Foam Rollers
Pin loaded
Hip Abductor
Assisted Pull up machine
Cable cross over machine
Ab crunch
Lateral Pulldown & Seated Row machine
Seated Leg press
Leg Extension
Seated Leg Curl
Pectoral & Deltoids Fly machine
Shoulder Press
Chest Press
Bicep Curl
Tricep Dip
Adjustable pull down machine
Shoulder Shrug

A.M Exercise (AMEX)

AMEX training is a demanding style of training where one pushes and performs to the maximum of their ability.

AMEX is offered on Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 5:45am.

Classes go for one hour and include a warm up and cool down.

Consider the Weekly Pass available to be rewarded for attending every session in the week.

Your regular trainer is Grant Frost. Grant is a highly qualified Fitness Instructor who specialises in correcting your form and pushing you to your maximum potential. Grant knows when to push you to reach your potential!

Challenge yourself to this very popular Fitness Class!

Cardio Challenge (Female only class)

Challenge your core stability and then challenge your cardio ability. Combining a mixture of activities to burn fat, shape & tone, and lift your cardiovascular fitness to feel great.

All fitness levels are welcome to attend!

This class varies seasonally, so please contact the friendly staff at the branch for current information.

Fit Active

Fit Active: gives you all the fitness training you need. Cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility in just one hour. Get stronger, fitter, and healthier with inspiring music, dumbbells, weight plates, body weight, and simple athletic movements.

Your regular trainer is Tammy Bell. Tammy is a great motivator and loves supporting Women’s Fitness. Tammy also runs one of the weekly Beginners to Winners classes.

Your class will be held in the Pulse room (next to the Canteen)

Beginners 2 Winners (B2W)

A class that caters for all beginners that are new to the fitness scene. The class ranges from group activities, strengthening, and circuit training. This class will focus helping you develop a habit and ensure you have fun so you look forward to attending again.

Held on Tuesday & Thursday Mornings at 6am (Contact the friendly staff on (07) 46715677 for School Holiday availability)

Your trainers are Tammy Bell & Terri-Anne Thompson (We call her TA) – These ladies are passionate about promoting Fitness & are dedicated to providing engaging activities that get your heart pumping!

Variations to all exercises are available to suit all fitness levels, though we focus on creating a comfortable environment for beginners who may otherwise be overwhelmed by attending a class.

Spin Class

A fun and challenging cycle ride combining cardio with strength intervals.  All levels welcome. This class is offered during different terms in line with the school year.

Over 50’s

A circuit class of strength, balance, coordination, cardio and stretching to a level where you feel comfortable.

This class provides an inclusive environment for our members over the age of 50, tailoring to specific goals for our older members. The class focusses on specific strength and muscle growth principals using tailored exercises to support bone density, mobility & balance.  We offer this class to members of the community with a disability or with prior approval from the Branch Manager.

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