Gym and Fitness


Gym and Fitness classes at PCYC Mount Isa


BOOTCAMP Classes – Everyday Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 5:45-6:30am. BOOTCAMP is designed to build strength and increase fitness through fun, challenging 45 minute group training sessions. Training that promotes fat loss & muscle growth, camaraderie and team effort. Improve your energy levels. Build up your confidence in the gym. Classes are designed to suit all levels of fitness, all shapes and sizes … from absolute beginners to the very fit, we can work around injuries. Every workout is different, with a variety of upper and lower body exercises that challenge you in new ways every day. Become mentally tougher and find out what your true physical potential is with BOOTCAMP!!!!

Up & Go

Up & Go is more catered to our senior members of the public, however anyone can attend these classes. Up & Go is a gentle exercise program to get your body up, active and motivated. It is run by accredited exercise professionals specifically trained in managing safe, low to moderate intensity physical activity programs. You can exercise at your own pace and in a friendly environment.



Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is primarily practised for its health benefits, promoting integration of mind and body. It helps lower stress and anxiety levels and increase energy. A series of slow, controlled movements and postures help build muscle strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility.



Sweat Class is strength and fitness classes. Movements are big involving every muscle working together, and intervals are short (less than a minute) so you can give max effort. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Monday and Thursday 6:00pm start with Justin.