Sports and Recreation

Sport and recreational activities at PCYC Redlands


We believe that gymnastics is amongst the best Physical Education a person can receive.  We know that gymnastics is the foundation for all human movement; and by extension; for other sports.  Programs are progressive allowing for advancement through the skill syllabus at the students own pace.  Our program is a seamless pathway through to any level of gymnastic participation.

Our Recreational program follows a state-wide delivered syllabus, so gymnasts can change class and location if required, while continuing to receive a consistent quality teaching program.  All our coaches are accredited, and our syllabus has been specially developed to provide a structured learning program in a non-competitive environment. At every level our classes are designed to be fun, educational and improve movement skills for life.

Contact – Shanice Ridge – Gymnastics Coordinator
(07) 3245 4639
[email protected]

Play Gym (Under 5's)

PCYC Redlands offers Play Gym, a fun, unstructured session designed for children between 1 and 5 years of age. Children have the opportunity play on gymnastics equipment, scooters, hula hoops, foam blocks and the jumping castle! It’s a full 2hours of fun that encourages gross-motor skill development. Its also a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to come along and meet their friends and family for their weekly catch-up while they watch their children play.

Contact – Shanice Ridge – Gymnastics Coordinator
(07) 3245 4639
[email protected]

Martial Arts

Jujitsu is a healthy activity that increases self-esteem and self-belief. It also improves strength and physical flexibility. Jujitsu welcomes all ages. Our instructors are fully accredited and blue card holders. Our syllabus includes traditional and modern techniques including some Brazilian Jujitsu.

You will learn how to control conflict situations, how to defend yourself from any type of attack and how to defend from weapon attacks.

Contact – Sensei David Thompson
0498 555 887

Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do is a free-fighting combat sport where an individual uses their hands and feet to repel an opponent. Tae kwon do literally means the “way of kicking and punching”. It consists of sharp, strong angular movements with free flowing circular movements to produce a balance of beauty and power. Teakwood’s trademark is the kicking techniques, which are both spectacular and difficult. All the moves are based on the defensive attitude, which was originally developed for self-protection.

Equally important to Tae Kwon Do in being a superior art of self-defence, it is also a mental discipline.

Children must be 8 years and above.

Contact – Rebecca Chalk
0408 024 774

Tai Chi
Tai Ch’i (also known as Taiji) is a Martial Art. All Martial Arts are characterised by their degree of hardness or softness. In this sense Tai Ch’i is soft. When practising the Tai Ch’i forms, each position cultivates and flows energy into the vital organs of the body. These movements are often described as “swimming on dry land”.

Most people are drawn to Tai Ch’i after watching a group practising. Without any particular explanation, we somehow accept that this beautiful and serene set of movements brings a feeling of personal harmony. It is a well known fact that the benefits of Tai Ch’i are considerable.

Contact – Sifu John Hamilton
0414 519 641

Model Aircraft Flying

A group for indoor model aircraft flying. Come and watch or participate.

Beep Test

Official Beep Test.


PCYC Redlands has a large and successful Basketball Program suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced players from 4 years of age through to senior mens & womens leagues. Our program includes Biddy Ball, Junior/Senior mens and womens and Representative competition.

We are a fast growing association with currently over 750 playing members (450+ junior & 300+ senior) participating in our various leagues and development programs. Throughout the PCYC network Redlands has by far the largest basketball program.

PCYC Redlands is a full member of Basketball Queensland which provides development pathways for our members who strive to take their game to the next level – not just players but for referees and coaches too. We have a strong presence in Basketball Queensland representative competitions with our rep teams competing in various junior and senior leagues.

For those considering becoming part of our association, you will find it an easy experience to quickly become a valued team-mate to others like yourself who are interested in friendly team sport.

To check the status of your registration including expiry dates please visit

Basketball Coordinator
3245 4639
[email protected]

Basketball Draws and Results

Junior Basketball- Saturday U11s-U15s Competition

Click here Saturday Junior Term 3 Championship Season Draw

Click here for U11 Boys Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U11 Girls Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U13 Boys Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U14 Girls Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U15 Boys Ladder as of 22-6


Junior Basketball- Fridays U17s Competition

Click here Friday Term 3 Friday 25th July-30th August Championship Season Draw

Please click here U17 Girls Teamlists

Please click here for U17 Boys Teamlists


Senior Womens and Under 20’s-Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night U20 Mens and Womens Championship Draw Term 3- 16-7-19- 27-8-19

Womens ladder Rd 9

U20s ladder Rd 9

U20 Mens Teamlists

Tuesday Night Womens teamlists

Senior Men’s Championship Season-Thursday Night

Click here Thursday Night Term 3 Championship Draw 18th July

Division One Ladder-Rd 9

Division Two Ladder-Rd 9

Division Three Ladder-Rd 9

Division Four Ladder-Rd 9

Biddy Ball

Biddy Ball will return on Wednesday the 13th of July 2019 at 4pm.

Biddy Ball is all about having fun and getting active all year round. The program is specifically designed to build hand and eye coordination skills relative to basketball for young children aged 3 to 8 years old. New members are welcome at any time and we look forward to seeing your child develop their love for team sports.

Our Biddy ballers are divided into into approximate age groups, however children develop at different stages and allocation to groups may vary so as to enhance the progress of each individual.

  • BOUNCERS             3.5 to 4 year olds
  • HOOPSTERS           4 to 5 year olds
  • SHOOTERS             5 to 8 year olds
  • BOOMERS               Introduction to under 11’s

Biddy Ball is conducted over two days per week and runs alongside each school term. Wednesday afternoons are for training/development sessions while Saturday mornings is game day! It is recommended that new and early-stage developing players just focus on the Wednesday sessions initially to ensure they build up basic skills and confidence before heading into a game environment on Saturday.

Our awesome coordinators for Biddy Ball are Ann, Casey, Mark, Niki & Wardah. They are happy to help you out wherever they can; the best time to speak to our coordinators about your child is before or after training and after game times. You are also welcome to leave them a message any time by contacting the Basketball Coordinator on [email protected] or 3245 4639.

Biddy Ball Membership

$45 per calendar year (includes free basketball for new members!)

Why is training important?
Children learn the basics of basketball by participating in drills and games specifically designed to develop in-game skills and strategy. It is important for children to attend training regularly so that they reap the benefits of skill development, learning the importance of dedication and improving their ability to concentrate. Just bring a water bottle and wear pants without pockets (Redlands PCYC Basketball short are also available to purchase at reception) and you’re ready to join in the fun!

What can I do to maximise my child’s experience?

  • Arriving ten minutes before game time on Saturday will help the Coordinators allocate children to teams and ensure that games run on time.
  • Redlands PCYC provides playing singlets for your child’s use during games. These are handed out just prior to play commencing and will be collected by the Coordinators immediately after games finish.
  • Please ensure that your child’s shorts don’t have any pockets (for safety reasons). PCYC basketball shorts are available for purchase from reception for $27.00, alternatively your child can wear any shorts without pockets. Please note that Boomers-level players must own black PCYC shorts.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!
  • Biddy Ball is all about FUN, and encouragement is the key.
  • You can help us to teach your child about good sportsmanship by clapping every player and displaying positive supporter behaviour. The focus is not on scoring or winning, but about having a positive team experience.
  • Please refrain from running with, or alongside, your child during games as this can be a safety issue.

Junior Basketball

Junior Information

Redlands is proud to have the largest basketball program in the PCYC network, with consistent growth seeing us now cater to over 450 junior players! Junior basketball is played here almost every Friday evening (U17 Boys & Girls) and Saturday (U11B, U11G, U13B, U14G, U15B) during each school term.

All players in our junior competitions register individually and are then drafted into teams by the Association management. This helps us to form a balanced competition to create as much enjoyment and competitiveness as possible, however we may sometimes structure teams with the intention of splitting them into divisions later in the year. We cater for all levels from beginners to those more experienced and are able to consider requests for players to play with particular friends, however it is important to note that such requests cannot be guaranteed.

Group training sessions are held for all age groups each week and are open to all registered players. Teams can also organise their own additional training session at a time that suits if they wish (dependant on venue availability).

The emphasis of our junior basketball program is on a low cost & fun family activity with parents encouraged to attend and get involved. We also have a thriving representative program for those aspiring to advance their skills via Basketball Queensland competitions.

If you have any questions would like to know more about basketball here at PCYC Redlands please email [email protected]  or phone 3245 4639. Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook!

Saturday Junior Basketball Game Draw

Click here Saturday Junior Term 3 Championship Season Draw

Click here for U11 Boys Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U11 Girls Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U13 Boys Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U14 Girls Ladder as of 22-6

Click here for U15 Boys Ladder as of 22-6

U17s Friday Night Competition

Click here Friday Term 3 Friday 19th July Championship Season Draw

Please click here U17 Girls Teamlists

Please click here for U17 Boys Teamlists

How to join a team

Just send an email to [email protected] including your child’s name, date of birth, and any friends they may know who are playing here (please note that joining the same team as friends cannot be guaranteed). We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm that we can place your child in a team – usually we can get most started by the following week. Please do not proceed with an online registration below until we can confirm a team for your child.

Online Player Registration & Payment

  • Online registration is mandatory for all players, they are no longer processed at the venue
  • Do not use this online system to register Biddy Ball players – these registrations are still to be done at the venue
  • All junior players will be required to purchase our new junior reversible game singlet at the time of registering ($35)
  • If you are a new player wanting to join after February 26, please do not pay a registration until we have confirmed a team for you.

If you wish to utilise a Get Started voucher for your child’s registration a copy of this must be emailed to [email protected]. We will reply back with info on how you can then register them online. (you can also pay their online rego normally and instead allocate the voucher entirely toward game fees)

As of 1 Jan 2018 all player registrations are valid for 365 days from date paid (no longer restricted to calendar year, excludes Biddy Ball).

Basketball Registration
Each junior player must pay a Redlands Basketball Registration prior to taking the court. Registrations are valid for 365 days from the date paid and consist of both Basketball Queensland & Redlands PCYC memberships. Current registration fees for junior players are:

  • $75 for children born 2009 or later
  • $105 for children born 2008 or earlier

All basketball memberships for junior club players (excluding Biddy Ball) are to be processed & paid online by clicking here

Uniform Costs
Each junior player is required to own a Redlands PCYC basketball game singlet and shorts:

  • $35 for a reversible game singlet
  • $27 for shorts

The singlet was new for 2018 and a compulsory purchase for all players with their registration. In future seasons you will only need to purchase another singlet if it needs replacing.

Training Times and Fees

Group Training sessions are open to all players and are held weekly during school terms.

Group Training costs $3 per player per session. Any additional team training booked in our venue also costs $3 per player per session.

Training fees are to paid at front counter prior to taking the court. Players need to bring bring their own ball and water bottle to training sessions

Junior girls training-

Monday evenings 6-7pm. Please note A second training time for our junior club times to be finalised shortly.

Wednesday Club Trainings

Biddy Ball- 4.00-5.00pm

U11s- 5.00-6.00pm

U13s- 6.00-7.00pm

U15/U17s- 6.00-7.00pm

Game Fees
Each game on Saturday costs $12 per player. Payment is to be made at the office prior to the game. Please ensure you keep the receipt as you must give it to your coach/manager or place in the team pocket before the game. NO PAY, NO PLAY

Senior Basketball

Redlands PCYC coordinate senior basketball competitions on:

  • Tuesday nights for Open Women and U20 Men
  • Thursday nights for Open Men (4 divisions

Open Men play two competitions within a 12 month cycle: a Winter Season from April – September, and a Summer Season from October – March

Open Women & U20 Men play one main season per calendar year, typically from February – September. A short 8-9 week ‘Blitz’ season is then held starting October which implements some minor rule changes to make things interesting!



Tuesday Night Womens teamlists

Online Player Registration & Payment – All players must be registered to take the court. If you are an individual and do not yet have a team please email [email protected] before registering.

We pride ourselves on providing a cost-friendly competition (no team nomination fees!) that promotes fun, participation and a healthy competitive environment. We also provide scoretable for all our senior games!

All games play to running clock rules with the exception of Division 1 Men who play fully-timed games (except pre-season).

It is important to please note that all players must hold a current Redlands Basketball Registration before they are able to take the court – forfeits and fines are strictly applied.


Representative Basketball

Southern Basketball League (SBL)

The Southern Basketball League (SBL) provides an avenue for high-level senior competition for developing elite youth players, players at their pinnacle, and players who have stepped down from higher competition. SBL runs from May to September each year and is open to senior representative teams of Basketball Queensland affiliated associations in south-east Queensland.

Redlands Pride is the youngest of all associations currently competing in SBL, with our best result coming in 2014 when our men’s team made a historic semi-final appearance.


Congratulations to Ian Bones Hibberd and Aaron White who have been named as our head coaches of our men’s and women’s SBL teams respectively.

Bones has done a tremendous job as head coach of our men’s team over the last few seasons and we are looking forward to another great season.

Aaron has moved from assistant coach of the men’s team in 2018 to taking over as head coach of the women’s team next year.

We are looking forward to a big year of SBL and are excited to once again cheer on our teams next year.

If you are interested in playing keep your eyes on our page and website for trial dates early in the new year.

If you are interested in an assistant coach or manager position please email [email protected] with an expression of interest.

Basketball Queensland Junior Basketball Competition (BQJBC)

Redlands Pride participate in the Basketball Queensland Junior Basketball Competition (BQJBC) which is a representative competition conducted in South-East Queensland. Age groups for this competition for both boys & girls are U12, U14, U16 & U21 with each consisting of multiple divisions (excl. U21). Each BQJBC season generally runs from October to March.

All teams nominated by Redlands to compete in BQJBC will also participate in the BQ Junior State Championships which is a 4-5 day tournament involving representative teams state-wide. These tournaments can be held anywhere in Queensland.

Redlands PCYC Pride will soon be holding trials for our 2018-19 representative teams in all age groups – see below ‘2018-19 Season’ section for full details. Consistent with previous season’s involvement we expect to field a team in every boys & girls age group from Under 12 through to Under 21.

2nd team nominations for boys age groups will be dependent on player numbers & skill depth, coaching & official resources available, and the association meeting BQ criteria for nominating additional teams. The association will not confirm the nomination/selection of a 2nd team in any boys age group until after trials have completed and all factors have been considered by management.

2018-19 Season

Congratulations to those who made it into the rep teams for this season.

For those of you who missed out we hope to see you back at trials next year!

If you or your child would like feedback on a trial please email [email protected]


Under 12 and 14 Boys and Girls – Term 1 + 2 2019 (Grading Weekends Feb 2 and 9 2019).

Under 16 and 18 Boys and Girls Term 4 2018 + Term 1 2019 (Grading Weekends Sept 8 and 15 2018).

Under 21 (Men’s Only): October 2018- March 2019.

Under 21 Women: October to Feb (5 round competition)

More information will be updated as it comes to hand.


U12 Boys Ipswich Basketball Association Friday July 5th – Monday July 8th – 2019

U12 Girls – Brisbane Basketball Association Friday July 5th – Monday July 8th

U14 Boys – Townsville Basketball Association Wednesday 10th July – Saturday 13th July

U14 Girls – Mackay Basketball Association – Sunday June 30th – Wednesday July 3rd

U16 Boys 9-13 April 2019 Logan, Girls 9-13 April 2019 South West

U18 Boys and Girls: Jan 9-13 2019 Gold Coast (Carrara)

Eligibility for Trials & Rep Teams

Current Players of Redlands PCYC:

  • Must be a current registered member of PCYC
  • Must be at the time of trials financial with the PCYC (e.g have no outstanding fees from previous season)
  • Continue to play in our Junior Club Competition and fulfil all playing obligations in addition to representative commitments

New Players to our association:

  • Must provide a signed permission to train or transfer form prior to trialling if they have previously played representative basketball for another association
  • Within 7 days of team selection will become a registered member of the PCYC and complete a BQ transfer
  • Join our Junior Club Competition team and fulfil all playing obligations in addition to representative commitments

Basic Season Expectations:

  • Players must be available for all scheduled BQJBC games (including Sundays)
  • Players must be available to participate at the State Championships. 2018 State Championship dates and venues can be found here
  • All scheduled training sessions are compulsory for players to attend
  • Players/parents/family agree to abide by BQ & PCYC Codes of Conduct & related policies at all times, in addition to all other terms & conditions outlined in player/parent contracts.
  • All required fees must paid on time
  • Players must participate in all club competition games (not playing club game = suspension from rep game that week/following week)

If you have any further questions regarding the Redlands Pride representative program please contact or 3245 4639.