Gym and Fitness

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Gym and fitness classes at PCYC Townsville

24/7 Gym

PCYC Townsville offers a fully equipped 24/7 gym (400 sq./m floor, air-conditioned)  with free weights, treadmills, rowing machines, bikes, cross trainers and cardio machines. 24/7 access in now available with the purchase of a FOB, this includes access during public holidays.  Our Gym is fully inclusive with specialised equipment for people with a disability, rehab, or requiring assistance.

A qualified fitness instructors is also available for advice and support

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]

Stretch and Flexibility

This class targets deep stretch to open and release the whole body. Targeting primary muscle groups surrounding the hips, hamstrings, and upper back.

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]

Senior Healthy Active Bodies

This is a low impact circuit class, with a mixture of upper and lower body exercises to improve your core strength and balance, and cardio fitness in a friendly and positive environment. Classes are self-paced and are aimed at over 50’s

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]

Golden Oldies

This class is a self-paced which encourages better movement, stretching, balance and posture while having fun. Starting with a light warm up and a range of equipment work including light weights, elastic bands and wooden canes for balance. Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday 10.30am -12pm

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]


Our Pilates classes are aimed at improving flexibility, decreasing  back pain, increasing core strength with a focus on the  abdominals, glutes and hips.  With a stretching component  at the end of the class. Classes are held on Thursday, 5.45-6.45pm

Personal Training

PCYC Townsville offers Personal Training by appointment only. The instructor is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, and can assist with personal programming, adapted to each individual’s needs.

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]



GymFit is a moderate-high intensity 60-minute group fitness class.  Classes incorporate bodyweight and dumbbell/kettlebell strength exercises, as well as gymnastics-specific and gymnastics-inspired exercises on gymnastics apparatus. This class is an ideal complement for participants of other GymSports programs, but is versatile enough to include anyone wanting a break from their standard gym and fitness schedule.  Beginners welcome!

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]


Fitness Classes

These classes are delivered by a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist three times a week. They are aimed at providing a quality  structure of fitness in a circuit style class.

Contact reception on (07) 4781 9100 or [email protected]