Enrolling your Child in OSHC From Prep

Preparing your Child for Prep

Making the transition to ‘big school’ can feel like a big step for both children and parents alike! Fortunately, the qualified staff at PCYC Queensland Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) have the experience and training to support your family and help your child make a successful transition to primary school. PCYC Queensland OSHC have been supporting families to make the transition into OSHC for more than 40 years and over this time we have developed some key learnings which we implement today.

Our introduction to OSHC helps your child to adjust and reduces uncertainty around new experiences by providing a safe environment. Our OSHC sessions are fun and strike a balance between creative play  as your child adjusts to formal education and  learning-based activities which complement the school curriculum.

What is Outside School Hours Care & is my Child the Appropriate Age to Attend?

Children must be in Primary school to attend a PCYC Queensland OSHC. Depending on your location, your child will have access to fun activities before and after their school day and during school holidays. We refer to these service options as Before School Care (BSC) and After School Care (ASC).  We understand many parents have work commitments during the school holidays, so where possible we provide Vacation Care (VAC) to ensure your child has a consistent experience with a regular outside school hours care provider, all year round!

To utilise PCYC Queensland OSHC services your child must be attending Primary school, in addition to being enrolled in the service.

Steps to Support your Child Transition to OSHC From Prep

If possible arrange an orientation at your child’s OSHC service, so both you and your child can become familiar with the space as well as meeting the Educators who will be guiding your child as they begin their OSHC journey.

Where possible, we also welcome new Prep children to try Vacation Care in January, prior to the start of the school term. If your local service offers vacation care you are welcome to make a booking and let your child get to know the service before school starts.

We welcome Parental involvement at our services, as your unique insights empower our Educators to engage with your child’s personal interests.

Reassure your child that when school finishes they will escorted to and from their classrooms for both Before and After School Care.

Why choose a PCYC Queensland OSHC Service?

Established in 1948, PCYC Queensland has an extensive history of providing school aged care to more than 25,000 children annually, across more than 100 service locations, both within school-based and club-based centres.

As one of the largest OSHC providers in the state, our services are backed by our ongoing partnership with the Queensland Police Service. Starting school is a significant milestone, so we offer our Preppies some much needed respite in the form of constructive play as they adapt to this new schedule. Our programs aid children to further develop their school readiness skills including self-care, attention, concentration, emotional regulation, physical skills, plus language and social skills.

Enrolling in both Prep and OSHC at the same time is a substantial change in your little one’s life, so let us make this rite of passage easier on the whole family! Enrol at your local PCYC Queensland OSHC service, so your child can enjoy the benefit of an OSHC experience where the service is tailored to reflect the local school culture, events and policies. As a parent, you know PCYC Queensland is invested in the wellbeing of your child throughout their OSHC experience from Prep and beyond, because as a not for profit, registered charity, the income generated from OSHC in turn goes back into youth development programs within your local community.

What’s the next Step to Join OSHC From Prep?

Once you are ready to enrol your Prep age child at PCYC Queensland OSHC please submit an enquiry via the form below. You can enrol through the Kidsoft App by following these simple steps.

If you would like to check out your local school-based or club-based service, or would like further information, contact your local OSHC directly, peruse Frequently Asked Questions by OSHC parents, explore our OSHC philosophy and goals, or submit an enquiry form:


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