Youth Support Services

PCYC’s Youth Support Service provides holistic, individualised, practical, and case management support to at-risk young people (12 -21 years of age). Support can be extended to 8–11-year-olds if they have a sibling already engaged in the program. Youth Support Service is provided in 11 locations across Queensland. 

Our youth support workers can help a young person to: 

  • connect with family and community
  • find safe, stable places to live
  • engage in education and/or training
  • engage in employment
  • maintain physical & mental health; and 
  • access other support agencies & specialist services based on their interests and needs

 Young at-risk people are eligible for support under this program if they are: 

  • homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • not at school and not working or at risk of disengaging
  • engaged with Youth Justice or Child Safety or at risk of it
  • disconnected from family and community; and/or 
  • in need of support with physical/mental health

The Youth Support Services are tailored to the individual young person’s needs.  While it is not time-limited, it is purposeful. It works towards achieving goals to enable young people to develop skills and resilience to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

The service is provided in 11 PCYC locations across Queensland. 

If you are interested in Youth Support Services for yourself, a family member, a friend, or a client? Contact your local PCYC club from the list above to get in touch with the program coordinator.

PCYC Youth Support Services is proudly funded by the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services


Human Service Quality Framework Certified
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